What You’ll Learn in this Course

  • Affiliate Marketing: Introduction, Marketing Scope, Domain, WordPress
  • Themes: Themes Explanation, Title, Menu Items, Modifications
  • SEO: Affiliate with SEO, Ranking, Apps, Edit
  • Plug-in: Plug-in Explanation, Ads Manager, Affiliate WP and Overview Summary

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Affiliate Marketing

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each new customer or sale that is generated through their promotional efforts. This makes affiliate marketing a low-cost and low-risk way for businesses to generate leads and sales, while also providing an opportunity for affiliates to earn passive income by promoting products or services.

Scope of Affiliate Marketing?

The scope of affiliate marketing is vast and continues to expand. As more and more consumers turn to online shopping, businesses are increasingly relying on affiliate marketing to drive sales and generate leads. This has led to a growing demand for affiliate marketers, with a wide range of industries and businesses now offering affiliate programs. Additionally, advances in technology have made it easier to track and measure the effectiveness of affiliate campaigns, providing more opportunities for optimization and growth.

Why learn Affiliate Marketing?

Learning affiliate marketing can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, affiliate marketing is a lucrative industry that can provide passive income streams for marketers who understand the strategies and tactics. Secondly, affiliate marketing can be a low-cost way for businesses to generate leads and sales. Thirdly, learning affiliate marketing can provide insights into consumer behavior and online marketing techniques. Finally, it is a growing industry, with more companies and individuals getting involved in the space every day, making it an exciting and dynamic field to be a part of.

What includes in this course

See in brief what you will Learn in this Mastery Course of Affiliate Marketing

1 - Affiliate Marketing
1.1.1 - Google ADs Introduction
1.1.2 - Initial setup
1.1.3 - How AD auction works
1.1.4 - Campaign
1.1.5 - Keywords - Match type
1.1.6 - Keywords - keyword research -Negative keywords
1.2.1 - Creating ADs - AD extension
1.2.2 - Creating ADs - display ADs
1.2.3 - Bidding Strategies
1.2.4 - Talk about Competitors
1.2.5 - Talk about Competitors - AD history - Overlap
1.2.6 - Why start Google Ads
1.2.7 - Comparing to Facebook ADs
1.3.1 - Search Google Ads in Google
1.3.2 - SIGN in Google ADs
1.3.3 - What is your Main Advertising Goal
1.3.4 - Describe your Business
1.3.5 - Strategy for Location Setting
1.3.6 - Where are your customers
1.3.7 - Set up Keyword themes
1.4.1 - Lets Write Your AD
1.4.2. Preview All AD types
1.4.3 - Set your Budget
1.4.4 - Enter your own Budget
1.4.5 - Maintain a Strategy
1.4.6 - Campaign Goal
1.4.7 - Stage of Billing Details
1.4.8 - Confirm Payment Info
1.4.9 - Campaign created
2 - Themes
2.1.1 - Check Hierarchy
2.1.2 - New Campaign
2.1.3 - Campaign
2.1.4 - AD group
2.2.1 - Campaign Goals - Sales
2.2.2 - Leads and other goals
2.2.3 - Campaign Goals-Description
2.2.4 - Campaign Theme
2.3.1 - Match types introduction
2.3.2 - Match type Demo
2.3.3 - Relevance and Reach
2.3.4 - Four type of Match types
2.3.5 - Broad match - Relevancy and Reach
2.3.6 - Examples for Match types
2.4.1 - Broad match - Example keyword
2.4.2 - Search intent
2.4.3 - Example of Negative Keyword
2.4.4 - Broad Match Modifier
2.4.5 - Phrase match
2.4.6 - Exact match
3 - SEO
3.1.1 - Search AD introduction
3.1.2 - AD extension introduction
3.1.3 - Display ADs introduction
3.1.4. New Campaign
3.1.5. Set Campaign Goal
3.1.6. Installation Options
3.1.7. Campaign Settings
3.1.8. Select Audience
3.1.9. Budget
3.1.10. Bidding and Daily estimates
3.1.11. AD group type
3.1.12. AD group1
3.1.13. Campaign Review
3.1.14. Target to Keyword
3.1.15. Description
3.1.16. Try to create AD
3.2.1 - Callout - Call Extensions
3.2.2 - Callout and Phone Extension
3.2.3 - Extension Examples
3.2.4 - AD extension
3.2.5 - Adding Details for Sitelink1
3.2.6 - sitelink2
3.2.7 - Setting URLs
3.2.8 - Callout Extension adding Details
3.2.9 - How to Add a phone number to your AD
3.2.10 - Sitelink Review
3.2.11 - Use sitelinks
3.3.1. New Campaign
3.3.2. Subtype
3.3.3. Gmail Campaign
3.3.4. Campaign Name
3.3.5. Dynamic ADs
3.3.6. AD group name
3.3.7. Preview
3.3.8. Scan your Website for Images
3.3.9. Select Images & Logos
3.3.10. Add Logo
3.3.11. Add more images for Building AD strength
3.3.12. Set up Campaign
3.3.13. Your Campaign is ready
3.4.1 - HTML5 banners introduction
3.4.2 - Upload AD
3.4.3 - You can upload image ads
3.4.4 - Google Web Designer
3.4.5 - Customize template
3.4.6 - Selecting Banner
3.4.7 - Animated HTML 5 banners
3.4.8 - Buying template
3.4.9 - Explaining options in Google web designer
3.4.10 - Template Gallery
3.4.11 - How to change logo & Text
3.4.12 - How to Edit Photos
3.4.13 - Save images like ZIP file
4 -  Plugins
4.1.1 - Bidding Strategies Introduction
4.1.2 - Bidding Menu
4.1.3 - Bidding Explanation
4.1.4 - Bidding Strategy
4.1.5 - Target ROAS
4.1.6 - How to set target ROAS
4.2.1 - Maximize Clicks
4.2.2 - Set a Maximum cost-per-click limit
4.2.3 - Maximize Conversion
4.2.4 - Target impression share
4.2.5 - Maximum CPC limit
4.2.6 - manual CPC
4.3.1 - Competitors Introduction
4.3.2 - Spyfu.com
4.3.3 - Monthly PPC overview
4.3.4 - Most profitable paid Keywords
4.3.5 - Ad words history
4.3.6 - Keywords Competitors
4.4.1 - Keyword groups - PPC keywords
2. Customers Strategy in PPC keywords
3. Target on monthly searches
4. AD strategy
5. Want to know about Competitors Strategy

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I've tried many affiliate marketing courses in the past, but Kwik L's platform has truly exceeded my expectations. The step-by-step approach to building a profitable affiliate business was incredibly helpful, and I've already seen an increase in my earnings.

Rachel Thompson

The modules are well-organized and easy to follow, even for someone like me who has no prior experience in affiliate marketing. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start their own online business.

Joseph Anderson

Kwik L's affiliate marketing course is a must-have for anyone serious about making money online. The course covers everything from finding the right niche to building an email list, and the support team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

 Olivia Davis

I've been in the affiliate marketing game for a while, but Kwik L's platform has taught me strategies that I never even considered before. The course is packed with actionable advice and insider tips that have helped me boost my earnings.

Andrew Clark

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The course content is delivered through video lectures, text-based materials, and practical exercises.

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